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Yoel Young Biography & Wiki

About Yoel Young

Yoel Young whose full real name is Purav Mukhia is a recording artist, Composer, Song-Writer, Model, and music producer from Kathmandu, Nepal. He came to the limelight after the song “Scars”. Yoel is from Kathmandu, Nepal and was born on May 27, 2003, and is 18 years old on the day of writing.

He has been making his own songs since Grade 10 and was rapping on Free-Type beats on YouTube. His songs have deep meaning in them which cater to heartbroken people and people needing motivation in life. He wishes to be a prominent figure in the Nepali and the global music scene.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Name : Yoel Young

Original name: Purav Mukhia

Profession: Rapper / songwriter / producer

DOB : 2003 May 27

Birthplace : Kathmandu,Nepal

Parents : Praveen (Father) and Madanika (Mother)

Education : BBA

Genre : hip hop rap

Interests : music making

First album: Temporary Pain

Hobbies : Music production, song writing

Relationship status : single

Early Life & Education

Born on May 27, 2003, lived a life any normal kid would live. He had an elder sister who used to live with him too. Motivated from an early age to work hard Yoel tried several ways to hustle during those times.

After grade 8, he moved to St Paul’s School, Darjeeling to finish his high school studies and finally stuck with music.

Yoel was a bright student and it would reflect in his results if he put in the work required.

He did his schooling from St Xaviers from Grade 1 till Grade 8. He then went to St Paul’s where his life totally changed.

Yoel Young’s Music career

Yoel Young was always interested in music and played the drums really well. He had an idea of the guitar and piano, which helped him gain more knowledge about music. He used to sing before as well. He started taking music seriously at the end of 2019 and progressed to make more music during the quarantine. That helped him a lot because it gave him a lot of time to work on his music.

Yoel Young mask

Yoel Young wears a mask as an attire and a symbol. It’s my brand and it creates a question about who he is.

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