If You Are Going To Work So Hard – Why Not Do It For Yourself?

work hard for yourself

working for yourself means to be independent, freedom, solve a business equation, step on to the next level. If we work for others we’re still employees no matter how hard. Your salary is still the same. If you work for yourself the returns are according to the amount of effort you exert.

some people might say something like –  “We work hard for ourselves and families, we might work in others business but we work for ourselves, we don’t have the pressure and responsibility of the owner, he made his choice, doesn’t mean all want that pressure, some people enjoy a simple life instead of a complicated one and others vice versa.”

I am not suggesting you give up your day job or build a business if you are not that way inclined. Instead, I am suggesting that you don’t pour all your energy into someone else’s business but focus time and energy on yourself via your financial education and building passive income streams. If enough passive income is coming in then life will be simpler as you can choose to work rather than need to.

 Of course, you do your job for your family but at the end of the day would you rather spend more time in your job than with your family? Cause that is what tends to happen when you work for a company or someone who owns a smaller business. by all means, if your job is great and providing you the lifestyle you really want for yourself and your family and you also have enough time to spend with them then that is great!.

Once you know the job is stable and won’t be downsizing and you are completely content with all aspects of your life and don’t have to worry about money or time or losing your job…then that’s great!!! Unfortunately, not a lot of people are in that position.


Many people don’t get my message because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to start our own business at the very early stage of life otherwise everyone wants to become a boss nor an employee. As long as your working for someone else ur not getting ur goal. if you are working for others, your priority should be knowledge rather than money. don’t just work for money, work for knowledge and skills.

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