What is Real Love? – Full Guide, Meaning, & Quotes

What is real love?

Real Love definition and explanation

Nowadays, we have considered attachment as love. But in reality, there’s a huge difference between love and attachment. Love means “Do what’s right for you” and attachment means “Do what gives me excitement.” And both of them are within us. Our current state depends on what we mutter within ourselves. Love gives us freedom, fulfillment, satisfaction, unity, patience & many more extraordinary qualities that were hidden within us.

Love makes us understand other’s needs whereas attachment makes us selfish. Love creates union whereas attachment creates division. And the sad reality is that we are dependent on something or someone just to get love or happiness. Even we are dependent on the feeling of pleasure just to stay. But the reality is that Feelings are temporary. Whenever there’s a dependency, the feelings and emotions get stronger.

When we get things we depend on, there’s strong excitement & strong pleasure within us and when we don’t get things, the anger, depression, etc. within us become stronger. Once we unleash all of these things, now we’re free. Here unleashing doesn’t mean throwing out forcefully. If you are trying to forcefully throw away your emotions, that means you are again dependent upon the opposite emotions. So here unleashing means not giving enough attention to what’s happening within your mind. Now you’re independent and fulfilled. Now what you are doing, that’s all love.

But unfortunately, the majority of people run for attraction and what they feel for someone and which they feel Love exactly that’s only an Infatuation. Love starts from two different people and made one soul, one Heart. They never feel different. They always feel each other in themselves. And that’s really true love. It starts from one and ended up with one. It’s never be changed… not with time and not with any situation.

love is a real way of heaven. Love isn’t cheese for Distribution in everyone. It’s a love of life which both lover, not a cheese. it is really true love is complicated in our life. But Love is a beautiful, wonderful and wonderous life. Real Love like feeling heart touching.there’s a huge difference between love and attachment.  love means to help someone to achieve their real form of Sac Cit Ananda means help someone in self-realization.

there are many kinds of love some of them are:

  • Unconditional Love
  • Romantic Love
  • Affectionate Love
  • Self-love
  • Familiar Love
  • Sexual Love
  • Playful Love
  • Obsessive Love, and many more.

Quotes, Thoughts, & Saying About True Love

  • I love my husband before marriage and still after marriage.
  • Love starts with an attraction love is the highest form of energy that attracts your mirror.
  • Real love is an unchangeable feeling.
  • One always rises in Love and not fall in Love.
  • What if we say “I am with Love in you”. instead of “I am in Love with You”. The basic concept changes.
  • Love is difficult to explain and difficult to understand. but you can feel it, if it exists inside you.
  • Love is a universal gift that exits in everybody and is the highest form of energy one should know how to transform it.
  • Love is carrying and loving someone without any expectations.
  • Love is a word, uncountable noun as a feel by making sentences as a verb, adjective, etc otherwise nothing like grammar, unending learn, ” love” means unsolved life by a verb.

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