25 Trending Essay Topics in 2021

Trending Essay Topics

Every year, students assigned to papers tend to browse the Internet for inspiration. It relates to the choice of topic, and sources to power those assignments with. While some educational establishments and professors make it easier because they decide on the topics, some students are given freedom. That is where they may get puzzled or get bored with trite essay topics.

Let’s overlook 25 trending essay topics in 2021. What might be interesting to write about?

Top Essay Topics to Impress Your Audience or Professor

First off, it is worth saying that your selection of essay topics might be in front of your eyes. For instance, you are assigned an essay on World History, and you are currently learning about the Vietnam War. Why don’t you choose something related to the topic? It may be either a coverage essay of rare facts or main dates involved in the War. It is just a hint.

Secondly, you may individually speak to your professor for advice. Professors usually memorize all the essay topics submitted by their students. Thus, they will definitely recommend the one that has not been previously covered or been poorly covered.

Thirdly, you may always rely on professionals in academic writing and buy essays online written in accordance with your requirements.

Okay, let’s proceed with the trending areas to write about. 

  1. Poor socialization and lack of communication during the pandemic;
  2. Environmental changes – How did nature restore its health over the last year?
  3. The role of online living among youngsters – Problems and Advantages;
  4. What are the new entertainment movements among the society?
  5. All about the phenomenon of procrastination;
  6. The hype over IT start-ups – How can they change the world?
  7. The impact of the COVID-19 – What to expect then?
  8. Online learning outcomes – How did students cope with e-education?
  9. The crime rate in America 2021;
  10. How did fashion change over the last year? – New tendencies and failures;
  11. What occupation to choose to be successful today?
  12. Space exploration – the phenomenon of Elon Musk;
  13. Are vaccines effective enough to help humankind?
  14. Racism in 2021 – How did the Black Lives Matter movement help people be tolerant?
  15. Is there any sense in school uniforms in 2021?
  16. Why applying abroad to get an education? – Underestimated countries for higher education;
  17. Online dating – Dangerous or Safe?
  18. The problem of cybersecurity in social media;
  19. Dependency on gadgets – How to overcome it?
  20. The role of soft skills and hard skills;
  21. Pollution in the USA – new data;
  22. The role of healthcare workers in 2020/2021;
  23. Should one go for higher education or online courses are enough?
  24. The movement of feminism – how to boost the role of women in society?
  25. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Can it replace people?

These are some of the topics that might be interesting to cover. Based on each, you may also think deeply. For example, the problem of cybersecurity in social media – what can you tell more? It may be your experience by using Instagram or even popular TikTok. You can tell how you feel by using it – are you secure or are you afraid of losing your personal data?

Then, the COVID-19. Most probably, it is one of the most popular topics for essays (if your professor does not mind it). You may tell about your experience fighting the virus or explain your vision of what could have been done before to avoid a huge spread across the world.

What Essays Topics to Avoid?

To deprive you of a poor grade or any misunderstanding from the audience you deliver your work to, check the following tips:

#1 Do not pretend to write about something you are not aware of

For instance, Black Lives Matter is a very sensitive topic. You should avoid it if you only want to hype strange it may sound. Beyond that, do not write about it if you are against this movement. Your friends and other students may find it offensive.

#2 Do not underestimate someone’s impact on history

During the pandemic, many healthcare workers made their impact and tried their best to help people avoid and overcome the virus. If you believe they could do it better, leave such an opinion to yourself. The same concerns other areas. If you do not have facts, evidence, or back-up for your words, you’d better avoid risking your grade.

#3 Do not choose the topics that are already well-researched

It will be very boring for your professor to read about the bad impact of the Internet. Yes, it is obvious it may harm children’s perception of the world, or teach someone bad words or behaviors. You’d better again take any popular social media, for example, TikTok, and find some interesting cases when it really harmed one – with facts and evidence.

#4 Do not write about imaginary events

Some students want to be very smart, and instead of choosing a good topic, they just create a story from their minds. For example, one man helped the other man in opening an IT-startup that is going to change the future. It all sounds futuristic. Sorry for repeating but where are the facts and evidence?

Try to choose the essay topic that will make your audience or professor shocked with new information. Or, engage with them through your words. An essay is a little journey to one’s story and discovery. Strive for interesting content not for a good grade only!

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