Top 10 Amazingly Talented Nepali Filmmakers (2021) | Director, Cinemetogher, & Editor

1. Ram Babu Gurung (Director)

Ram Babu Gurung Biography

2. Pradeep Bhattarai (Director)

Pradeep Bhattarai Biography

3. Nischal Basnet (Director)

Nischal Basnet biography

4. Hem Raj B.C. (Director)

Hem Raj B.C. Biography

5. Sisan Baniya (Director)

sisan baniya biography

6. Aneel Neupane (Director)

Aneel Neupane Biography

7. Anoop Sapkota (Director)

Anup Sapkota Biography

8. Ajay Thapa Magar (Cinemetogher & Editor)

Ajay Thapa Magar Biography

9. Darshan Pokharel (Cinemetogher & Editor)

Darshan Pokhrel Biography

10. Prajwol Thapa Magar AKA Jholey (Cinemetogher & Editor)

Jholey Biography

Top 10 Nepali filmmakers (2021) Summary

  • Ram Babu Gurung (Director)
  • Pradeep Bhattrai (Director)
  • Nischal Basnet (Director)
  • Hemraj B.C (Director)
  • Sisan Baniya (Director)
  • Aneel Neupane (Director)
  • Anoop Sapkota (Director)
  • Ajay Thapa Magar (Cinemetogher & Editor)
  • Darshan Pokhrel (Cinemetogher & Editor)
  • Prajwol Thapa Magar AKA Jholey (Cinemetogher & Editor)

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