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Tim Ferriss Biography

About Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is an American entrepreneur, podcaster, author, public speaker, and mentor. his full real name is “Timothy Ferriss“. he was born on July 20, 1977, in East Hampton, New York, United States. As of 2023, Tim is 46 years old with around 5 feet and 10 inches tall in height.

professionally Ferriss is an angel investor and advisor for thousands of startups and big companies like StumbleUpon, Posterous, Evernote, DailyBurn, Shopify, Reputation.com, Trippy, TaskRabbit, Facebook, Evernote, Uber, Twitter, and many more.

Educational Qualification

Talking about Ferriss’s educational qualification, he completed his schooling education at St. Paul’s School, Concord, New Hampshire. after that, he enrolled in Princeton University and successfully graduate in East Asian Studies.

Tim Ferriss’s Wiki Quick Summary

Name Tim Ferriss
Full real NameTimothy Ferriss
Date of birthJuly 20, 1977
Age46 years old (2023)
Height5 feet and 10 inches
Birth PlaceEast Hampton, New York, United States
School/CollegeSt. Paul's School, Concord, New Hampshire
Education qualificationBachelor completed
Net Worth$100 million (2023)
Marital StatusN/A

Father NameN/A
Mother NameN/A

Why Tim Ferriss Sold BrainQUICKEN?

Just after the successful graduation, In 2001 Ferriss founded an internet online-based nutritional supplements business named “BrainQUICKEN”. and sold to a London-based private equity firm in 2010. he sold it out because he wants more and something different than money.

Tim Ferriss’s Relationship

As per our research, we didn’t find any single information regarding Tim Ferriss’s Wife, Girlfriend, and Children. But, Considering his age, he must have a wife and children. if not, at least he must have a girlfriend.

Tim Ferriss’s Podcast

Besides all that, As of writing, Tim Ferriss is a Host of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast. This show covers the personal character development of big inspirational celebrities including their morning routines, weight loss, habits, health, schedule, balanced diet, etc. Before this, Ferriss also hosted the 2017 TV show Fear [less] with Tim Ferriss.

Tim Ferriss’s Books Lists

  • The 4-Hour Workweek (2007)
  • The 4-Hour Body (2010)
  •  The 4-Hour Chef (2012)
  • Tools of Titans (2016)
  • Tribe of Mentors (2017)

Some interesting facts about Tim Ferriss

In 2013, Ferriss raised $250,000 in under an hour to invest in Shyp by forming a syndicate on the online website AngelList. AngelList is a US-based website for startups, angel investors, and job seekers.

Respected well-known international news portal sites CNN and The new york times listed him at the top of Notable Angel Investors.

Tim Ferriss’s Net Worth (2023)

As of 2023, Tim Ferriss’s net worth is roughly $100 million USD.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How did Tim Ferriss make his money?

Tim Ferriss makes his money through investment and his work as an Advisor.

How old is Tim Ferris?

As of 2023, Tim Ferris is 46 years old.

What does Tim Ferriss do?

Tim Ferriss does invest, works as Advisor, and hosts podcasts.

How much does Tim Ferriss make per podcast?

Tim Ferriss makes roughly $150,000 per podcast or per episode.

Some inspirational Quotes by Tim Ferriss

“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.”

“If you let pride stop you, you will hate life.”

“Focus on being productive instead of being busy.”

“Doing something unimportant well does not make it important.”

“The most important actions are never comfortable.”

“Remember-Boredom is the enemy, not some abstract Failure”.

“The key to not feeling rushed is remembering that lack of time is actually lack priorities.”

“If you don’t have time the truth is, you don’t have priorities. think harder, but don’t work harder.”

“There are two components that are fundamental to enjoy life and feel good about yourself; continual learning and service.”

“True freedom is much more than having enough income and time to do what you want.”

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

“Life is too small to be small.”

“People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.”

“When you try to do something big, it’s hard to fail completely.”

“Age Doesn’t matter. an open mind does.”

“Be bold and don’t worry about what people think. they don’t do it that often anyway.”

“Don’t dismiss people, don’t be a dick, and don’t rush. play the long game.”

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