Are Plagiarism Checkers Reliable? Here are some things you need to consider

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Plagiarism is not a new thing, and so is its use. It is seen as an unethical activity, and people around the world don’t appreciate it. Hence, you need to make sure that your content, whether it is going to be published as a business copy, research article, or thesis, is free of plagiarism. You can take the help of technology for this purpose. The tools to check plagiarism in the content have become far more advanced over time.

When you browse the web in search of a plagiarism checker, you will find thousands of tools online claiming to be reliable and accurate. However, it should be noted that not all plagiarism checking tools are equal in various aspects. Many tools are not capable of keeping your data secure. It is important for you to know that a minor security breach will give your content into the hands of a third party. This third party can use your content for its own benefit. 

Additionally, some plagiarism software may use your content for other promotional purposes without your consent. This is why you need to use a reliable online plagiarism checker that is capable of finding both direct plagiarism and patchwriting plagiarism. There are some factors you need to consider before trusting any plagiarism detector. We have put together a list of those factors. Make sure you go through this entire list before handing over your content to any plagiarism tool. Further details are given below:

AI-Based Tool for Accurate Results

Make sure you use an online plagiarism checker that is powered by AI (artificial intelligence) technology. Such a tool will not only detect direct plagiarism but patchwriting as well. It should be noted that direct plagiarism means the inclusion of a similar phrase or sentence from another source. On the other hand, patch plagiarism refers to the use of a phrase or sentence with a change of a few words.

Feedback of Users

Just like all other types of products and services, people who get to use a plagiarism detector to check for plagiarism can either be satisfied because of it or not. Some of them also tend to give suggestions regarding further improvements. All of this can be viewed easily by going through the feedback section of a particular tool. This feedback section will help you know whether you can use that tool to check plagiarism or not.

 Here is a pro-tip: Always start with negative reviews to understand what kind of problems were faced by the user previously. Additionally, also notice the time and data of negative reviews before making your mind.

Support for Multiple Languages

A good online plagiarism checker will not only check the plagiarism in the content for the same language but also go through a wide variety of content available in other languages. Hence, you need to make sure that the tool you are choosing to check plagiarism in your content is capable enough to support multiple languages. This will help you avoid accidental plagiarism and ensure the uniqueness of your content.

Massive Database

Another thing that most people don’t check is whether an online plagiarism detector has a massive database or not? By massive database, we are referring to the capability of a tool to check all the sources, including research journals, books, magazines, non-HTML content, and billions of websites. If a plagiarism tool is only checking given content against websites available on the internet, then it is of no use to students and research bloggers.

Suppose you have written a line in your content that looks fairly similar to a phrase or sentence you have read somewhere. Most probably, it was in a book or journal, but you can’t seem to remember it. You need to verify your doubt, but the tool you are using is not capable of going through books or research journals; then what is the point of using such a tool. Hence, it is necessary to make sure that the tool you are using to check for plagiarism in content has a massive database, including websites, pdf documents, research journals, books, and magazines. Choosing such a plagiarism checker will help you publish unique content that is free of any kind of plagiarism. 

Final Words

We all know how harmful plagiarism is for students, researchers, marketers, and content creators. A simple tag of intellectual theft because of plagiarism can ruin the career of a person. Nobody cares if plagiarism found in your writing was intentional or unintentional. Hence, it is your job to ensure the uniqueness of the content. Take the help of an online plagiarism checker to spot and direct plagiarism in your content. However, just make sure that the tool you are using for this purpose is reliable. We jotted down a few tips to help you out in this matter. We hope following the above-listed tips will be beneficial for you while choosing a reliable plagiarism detector.

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