The Top 10 Best Nepali Actors of All Time | Highly Demanded in (2021)

The Top 10 Best Nepali Actors 2019

Are you looking for the top 10 Best Nepali Actors (2021)? Here worldtop2 has provided a list of Nepali Hero, model, or Actor with their full details.

 Every successful Actor & actress had started their career from Zero. now look, where they have reached. When you start doing something in life. keep interested in it then it becomes your addiction. and that addiction leads you to more opportunities. just keep on improving yourself and be better every time. it can help you to start your own destination.

let’s find out The Top 10 Best Nepali Actors (2021)

1. Anmol Kc

Anmol Kc Biography

Anmol kc is a very gentle and talented Nepali film actor. many people call him a megastar of the Nepali movie industry. He was born on 30 March 1994 at Kathmandu, Nepal. Read more

2. Dayahang Rai

dayahang rai biography

Dayahang Rai was born on August 6, 1981. Khawa, Bhojpur district of Nepal. he belongs to a middle-class family. he has 2 younger sisters and brothers. currently, she lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. Read more

3. Saugat Malla

saugat malla biography

Saugat Malla was born on July 2, 1980, at Nawalparasi District of Nepal. currently, he lives in Kathmandu. he is one of the best versatile actors in Nepal. Read more

4. Pradeep Khadka

pradeep khadka biography

Pradeep Khadka is a superstar Actor from Nepal. he was born on March 10, 1991, at the Lalitpur district of Nepal. till now, he has already done 7+ movies. Pradeep Khadka is very friendly in nature. he likes to spend his spare time traveling, hanging out with friends, watching movies. Read more

5. Paul Shah

Paul Shah Biography

Paul Shah is a popular and renowned actor from the Nepali film industry. his full real name is Purna Bikram Shah. he was born on September 15, 1989, at Rampur, Dang district of Nepal. currently, he lives in Kathmandu. read more

6. Aaryan Sigdel

Aaryan Sigdel Biography

Aaryan Sigdel is a very talented and very popular Nepali Actor. He was born on August 4, 1981, at Gothikada, Surkhet district of Nepal. currently, he lives in Thankot, Kathmandu, Nepal. In 2014, he married to Sapana Bhandari. Read more

7. Najir Hussain

najir hussain biography

Najir Hussain is a very versatile and talented Nepali Actor and model. he was born on September 7, 1990, at Simara, Bara district of Nepal. currently, he lives in Kathmandu. he is basically known as “Rameshwor” a Character from Hostel Returns Nepali movie. Read more

8. Salon Basnet

salon basnet biography

Salon Basnet is a very handsome, talented, and humble Nepali Actor and model. he was born on March 23, 1991, at Kathmandu, Nepal. his father is a renowned Nepali filmmaker named ” Shovit Basnet “. Read more

9. Salin Man Baniya

Salin Man Baniya Biography

Salin Man Baniya is a debut actor in the Nepali movie “A Mero Hajur 2” starring with “Samragyee Rl Shah“. directed by Jharana Thapa. his second movie was “Yatra – A Musical Vlog” starring Malika Mahat. both movies were a superhit. he was born on May 5, 1995, at Kathmandu, Nepal. Read more

10. Dhiraj Magar

Dhiraj Magar Biography

Dhiraj Magar is a debut actor of the Nepali Movie “Intu Mintu London ma” starring Samragyee Rl Shah directed by Renasha Bantawa Rai. he was born on September 10, 1995, at the Rukum district of Nepal. when he was 2 years old, he moved to England with his family. Read more

The Top 10 Best Nepali Actors (Summary)

  • Anmol Kc
  • Dayahang Rai
  • Saugat Malla
  • Pradeep Khadka
  • Paul Shah
  • Aarayan Sigdel
  • Najir Hussain
  • Salon Basnet
  • Salin Man Baniya
  • Dhiraj Magar

Bipin Karki is my Personal favorite Nepali Actor of all time. I will add him in the next update. if you have any other favorite, please don’t forget to mention.

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