Switch It Up: Embrace a New Persona with Unique Wig Styles


As someone who loves experimenting with fashion and personal expression, I’ve always been drawn to wigs as an easy and fun way to switch up my look. However, for a long time I was hesitant to openly embrace wigs due to worries about what others might think. Deep down, I knew wigs could be a medium for creativity and playing with different aesthetics or personas. But it took me abandoning those concerns and committing to my secret curiosity for wigs to realize their true potential for transformation. Now, I’m ready to share my love of wigs and the unique discoveries I’ve made along the way. 

Taking the Plunge into Curly Wigs

Once I gave myself permission to fully indulge my interest in wigs, I knew I wanted to start with curly styles since my natural hair is straight. However, finding high-quality curly wigs presented as a black woman proved challenging. That’s when I came across JALIZA, an e-commerce platform created with black women in mind. Browsing their selection of wigs in different curl patterns and colors ignited my creativity. I decided to take a leap and order a deep side part wig with big, bouncy curls down to my shoulders. 

Putting on that wig for the first time was utterly transformative – I felt like a new, bold version of myself. The curls were so full of volume and movement. Paired with light makeup and dangly earrings, I looked effortlessly put together without much effort. Best of all, no one could tell it wasn’t my real hair! Wearing that wig helped me embrace a style I wasn’t confident enough to achieve with my natural hair alone. It showed me that wigs could be a way to play with different aesthetics while still feeling authentically myself. This first experience gave me the courage to keep experimenting fearlessly.

Braided Styles for Low Maintenance Days

After falling in love with curly wigs, I was eager to try braided styles which seemed ideal for low maintenance days. That’s when I discovered uBraids, a brand specializing in lightweight braided wigs. Browsing their site, the intricate crochet braids styles really captured my attention. When a loose, wavy milk chocolate braid caught my eye, I knew I had to have it. 

The uBraids wig arrived beautifully crafted with single braids falling sleekly against my face. I loved how natural the yaky texture looked and felt. Best of all, it was so comfortable I sometimes forgot I was wearing a wig. On busy mornings, it took me seconds to style straight from the box. Coworkers constantly complimented how “effortless” the braids made me look. The wig gave me easy glam with zero hassle – it became my go-to for lazy days or last-minute plans. Thanks to uBraids, braided styles felt modern and cool rather than outdated or matronly. The brand made me rethink what braids could be.

Celebrating my Bob Hair Journey

While curly and braided styles were fun for transformations, I also wanted wigs reflecting my more low-key aesthetic. That led me to bobs – a classic cut that feels natural on my face shape. However, like many black women, I struggled with achieving the perfect bob on my natural hair due to breakage. Wigs presented the solution. Enter Bobrina, a brand delivering bobs in soft,luxurious textures at affordable prices. 

Browsing Bobrina’s selection of shoulder-grazing bobs was like gazing into a mirror of possibilities. I settled on a wispy, highlighted brown lob reminiscent of a cherished childhood style. wearing that wig felt like an embrace of my past, present and future self all at once. The angle-cut fringe framed my face softly while single-process highlights added just the right amount of subtle dimension. Best of all, the synthetic fiber texture mimicked real hair so naturally no one knew it wasn’t mine. 

Over time, the Bobrina bob became a source of inner peace and self-acceptance on low energy days. Styling took seconds without fussing over heat damage from flat irons or scissors. Some days, I didn’t bother straightening my natural hair at all knowing the bob was always there if needed. Bobrina reminded me to be gentle with myself while still looking polished – a lesson that transcended hair and instilled confidence. That first bob wig opened my heart to this classic cut and self-love journey I’m still enjoying today.

Owning My Passion through Collecting Color

While curly, braided and bob styles pushed my boundaries in transformative ways, I still craved even more Self-expression through lively colors. That’s when I realized my wig collection journey had only just begun. I decided to fully own my multi-colored side by amassing an inventory of statement hues. Brights like fuchsia, emerald and lemon yellow called my name first. However, delving into vivid retro reds and 70s-inspired oranges felt most authentic. 

Each new, vividly-pigmented wig allowed me to play with a different color persona beyond what I could achieve with box dye alone. Cobalt and teal pixie cuts made punk rock weekends extra fierce. Wavy mermaid strands in sea glass green transported me to magical shores. On one exciting day, hot pink box braids had me feeling like a bold, rule-breaking artist. While vibrant hues drew attention, wearing color wigs opened conversations allowing my true personality to shine. Friends met “new versions” of me each time with intrigue and support. 

Collecting kaleidoscopic wigs taught me that experimenting fearlessly brings deep joy. Embracing my inner rainbow girl gave permission for unbridled self-love and expression without labels or limits. My multi-colored wig journey is really a celebration of embracing every facet of myself. Now, I can’t wait to see where further adventures take me into new realms of discovery and beauty.


Looking back, my wig journey has been one of radical self-acceptance through constant evolution. Each new style pushed me outside perceived boundaries onto exciting paths of growth. Wigs became portals into rediscovering joy in something as simple as hair while gaining confidence in reimagining myself freely. They reminded me that life’s richness lies in embracing transformation without fear of judgment.

Now, wigs are an indispensable part of my wardrobe rather than a secret indulgence. I’m proud to showcase my rainbow assortment as art representing endless expressions of myself. Best of all, my relationship with wigs empowered me to love every phase of who I am – natural hair, colorful curls or otherwise. Going forward, I hope to inspire others to view wigs not as disguises but elevating enhancements of one’s authentic self.