To Be a Successful Investor You Must Have Two Characteristics.

Successful Investor Characteristics

To be an entrepreneur or successful investor you must have two characteristics i.e – ignorance and courage.

Why an entrepreneur or successful investor Needs to be ignorance and courage?

Know when to ignore the naysayers and move on with boldness. If you think you can’t then you can’t and if you think you can then you really can. such an attitude will push you to continuously seek knowledge about what you are doing, learning and solving problems along the way.

When you’re ignorance and courageous at the same time, you will go far. On the other hand: when you are ignorance and cowardice at the same time, you may not go far.

Failure is a process, get back up, and do it again. Defeat is a whole different ball game if you choose to accept it. Evaluate and keep going.

Successful Investor Stories and Characteristics

 I’ve often jokingly said the reason I became successful with my business is that I was too dumb to know when to give up. Lots of other people “knew it wouldn’t work” but I didn’t know that. I had nothing to lose so I was hungry and bold and I just kept at it.

my success stories in my online trading stem from the fact that I was ignorant about online trading, which led to my hunger to learning it for about 10 years. I persevere, I never give up even when family and friends were calling me names, and saying all sorts of things to discourage me. But today, they have eaten their words and insult, some even approached me to teach them, but I bluntly told them that it took me 10 years, to get to where I am, which seems to be too long for them. I was ignorant, but I never give up.

Summary/Conclusion: Apart from all that, It means to discard others’ opinions, especially negative/toxic ones, sometimes including the “great job opportunities” and focus on working forward what you really want to get/be/become.

Quotes, Thoughts, & Sayings

  • we learn and grow from ignorance.
  • To be ignorant is good cause you can learn new info, skills rather than to know it all which put you in the same position.
  • ignore the naysayers and the slack others will cut you.
  • The truth is we learn and grow from ignorance.

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