Stop Being an Emotional Fool – Complete Guide

Stop Being an Emotional Fool

Sometimes life kick us in the ass so badly then we don’t have any other choice to keep calm so we have to be an emotional fool to finish all the pain off by tears. & it makes us stronger.

People who are extremely sensitive and easily let people tread over them are referred to as emotional fools. But according to psychiatrists, being sensitive is a normal trait that is found in 15-20% of the population.

It’s hard to accept the truth when the lies were what you exactly wanted to here but once you learn to accept the truth no matter how painful or heartbreaking it is you’ll stop wasting time on wrong people/desire.

To be Emotional is a common quality of human beings. But when it control ourselves it is not cool at all. And when it comes to our career or relationship at that time we should never be Emotional while committing anything. That time you need to follow your brain rather than Heart. And finally, I will say one thing to listen to your heart but never forget to keep your Brain with you.

 Right decisions need emotional detachment from the situation or even people but with the right degree of compassion & respect. It is important to be in our natural flow of energy. Passion is about aligning our emotions with our spirit. Here we can never go wrong. The intervention of a logical mind or rational mind helps in perceiving the situation differently and hence avoid psychological drama associated with it.

Without emotion there is no difference between animals and humans, emotion is an awesome quality or gift for us.

And it also can be harmful when we get more emotional you are right being an emotional fool is not right, but being emotional is an awesome part and quality of humans without emotion a relationship can’t be stronger.

don’t be emotional fool it makes ur life really depressing. Try to think practically and always take time before taking any big decision in life. I personally have made many big decisions emotionally and regretting and then I feel like how emotional stupid I’m.

Thoughts, Quotes, Saying & Status

  • Emotion can destroy someone’s life, after knowing why I am an emotional fool.
  • True emotion is the base of the problem and its control be life happy.
  • we all are humans. We have emotions. Even animals, plants have emotions.
  • Never overrule your emotions over you. Whenever someone uses this is as a weapon against you to downgrade or ruin your life. He/she is your worst enemy he/she finds in his/her life.
  • We can’t control our emotions, if we do it, believe me, you will be the most powerful person in the world.
  •  Emotions are one of the important driving forces for anything.

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