Something you miss about your best friend

Something you miss about your best friend

Reactions of Different Emotions when they miss their best friend

  • I miss her scent, I miss the way we talk like before, I miss the way she comforts me, I miss how we laugh together, I miss our picture, I miss everything. But she didn’t care.
  • I miss the way she laughs, talks, smile and everything she acts. I miss the moments that we are together and we do crazy things. I miss the way that she is listening to my dramas and I miss the way she comforts me.
  • I missed everything. The way we laugh, the way we smile, their crazy attitude, their unending jokes and comments I miss them a lot.
  • I miss laughing with you.remember the day when the two of us have been chased by a crazy dog? I was scared half to death but instead of crying and shouting for help, I did laugh so hard to your funny reaction when you tend to climb in a thin trunk of coconut tree I know you were so scared but hhahahahah you are so funny. hahahahhaha it was your first hug.
  • everything the way he comforts me, the way he makes me laugh and smile every day. His crazy attitude, he’s rants and unending dramas. I miss everything about him.
  • Everything that how she makes me happy and comfortable with I m with her. I miss my girl best friend.
  • I miss how crazy you are. Your nonsense jokes and your innocent look.
  • Making a joke that we are all laughing and enjoying life together but it wouldn’t happen anymore.
  • The way she makes me smile.

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