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seo in nepal

Is SEO really worth it in Nepal?

SEO In Nepal – Imagine that your website shows up in Google’s search results when people type in a specific phrase. It literally means that your website is the top authority for that topic. Imagine not having to run ads for that keyword because you’re already receiving so much quality traffic already. It’s not impossible, but it does take time; which is why yes, SEO is a long term strategy but one that can pay off massively in the future.

Points that should be careful while doing the SEO

  • Do we get a targeted audience for digital marketing in Nepal?
  • Yes, we can get a targeted audience in Nepal.
  • Can we target audience by interest, demographics, behaviors, etc. in Nepal?
  • Yes, of course, we can.
  • The success rate for targeted ads in Nepal?
  • This depends from campaign to campaign, but we do experiment with audiences based on the results and feedback from clients. There are some clients who get massive results, and there are some who do not.

it’s really hard to pinpoint the exact percentage, I believe that content is key (maybe more than 75-80 percent) when it comes to long term SEO strategy. As you will appreciate from Moz’s law of SEO needs (see picture),

mozlow's hierarchy of seo needs

if you don’t have an engaging content all other strategies like off-page (link building), on the page (keyword optimization, relevant HTML tags, etc) won’t really help you rank high with google’s rank brain.

Now, it is, of course, a given that if you use one of the more popular CMS (WordPress, Wix, etc), crawl ability (the ability for search engines to find your website) will come out of the box. If you are deploying your own custom made CMS, sometimes, this might be an issue as well and should be addressed first. As you can see, priorities might change from project to project, but one thing that is constant almost always is that the content is king and you need it to be relevant all the time.

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