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social media digital marketting in nepal


Social Media Digital Marketing in Nepal

Is anyone doing SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) in Nepal? What are the prospects? Is the market too new for Social Media Marketing?

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) in Nepal has brilliant prospects if done right. But it has to be coupled with a few other top-notch stuff like brilliant design and content creation team. The whole gameplan is to engage users to interact with the brand. Right kind of interaction that is! Companies have a different approach towards what they want from their social media campaigns. Some want just branding but some of them also need sales. Converting engaged users is key. Be it either running offers or hooks or by retargeting them when necessary.

So you need to provide great value to your customers be it in the design aspect, branding aspect or sales. Regarding the scope, every tom dick and Harry is trying to be labeled as a digital marketer or at least a social media manager because they know how to “boost”. Only a handful of the companies actually qualify to do a quality job. The answer to your question is yes and no. The prospects are immense but the market is not untapped. Be prepared to face challenges as a lot of companies have started deploying their own social media teams in Nepal.

I have gone through the Facebook Ads Ninja course. And yes, it does able in Nepal but you have to try to get foreign clients as well in order to actually gain the best out of it. All the western countries are leveraging their SMM to other countries due to it being expensive in theirs. The best place to hunt for them is freelancing websites. It’s doable here in Nepal too. Many people are doing it. The only thing you need is a payment gateway to pay Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Digital Marketing in Nepal

Well, you can get international payment cards from Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL), Siddhartha and to name a few. Please visit them once and see if you meet the criteria. I am not sure about the legal registration about your SMMA but make sure you abide by the laws. every company is hiring digital advertisers, give exciting packages, it will help you penetrate the market.

In Nepal, loads of startups are doing this, mostly concerning digital presence and brand. I have yet to see extensive campaigns online, so The problem is that all they know is how to establish an online presence. You can certainly take the market by storm if you are a number of guys and smart engagement ideas or plans in your mind. Too many companies here just outright copying practices without questioning their viability.

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