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Rajiv Koila Suppliers coal shop

Rajiv Koila Suppliers Introduction

Rajiv Koila Suppliers is basically a coal shop located in Imadol, Lalitpur. previously it was located in Kanibahal 6, Lalitpur, in between the way of Lagankhel and Gwarko. It was established and founded in 2014 by Nandaraj Thapa Magar. currently, his son named “Rajiv” is running this shop very well & about to start branches of this shop in different cities of Nepal.

Rajiv’s vision is very clear. It is a completely pure and honest business providing quality coal products that help customers to sell, serve, or consume their delicious food items. food items include Tandoori, Naan Roti, Sekuwa, etc. they also provide local normal coal (Koila) which is used to massage newborn babies and can use by anyone who needs a warm room environment during the winter season.

Rajiv Koila Suppliers Products & Price

ProductQuantity in K.gUsesPrice
Hard Pathar Koila45 KgNaan Roti & TandooriRs.1600 Per Bora
Super Pathar Koila45 to 48 kgTo make Brass (पीतल)’s ProductsRs. 1600 Per Bora
Normal Local Wood Koila9 to 11 kgSekuwa, Massage newborn baby, Electrical installation – Earthing, फलामको समान बनाउदा – फलाम ततौनको लागि |Rs. 800 per Bora
Indian Charcoal Koila10 kgSekuwaRs. 1000
Per Bora
Steam Koila45 to 48 KgWater Filter, फलाम गलौन |Rs. 1800 Per Bora
Chinese Koila38 KgSilver and gold Refine or गलौन |Rs. 2800 Per Bora
BP Pathar Koila45 kgतामाको मुर्ति बनाउन देउता ढाल्दा |Rs. 2300 Per Bora

Detail about delivery charges, and other services

  • Rajiv Koila Suppliers is a Resellers rather than Manufacturers, Distributors, and Wholesale agent. But if customer demand for more services like that, they also provide in bulk quantities whether for reseller purpose or self consume.
  • As of now, they are providing free delivery services inside Kathmandu valley ring road if customers order more than 20 Bora (Box).
  • If customers order less than 20 bora, they deliver but delivery charges will be taken.
  • Currently, they have only one “Delivery Van”. incase their van is not available they will send other local transportation. in such cases, customers should pay delivery charges negotiating with driver and if the quantity is more than 20 Bora (Box), Rs. 20 will be a discount from each bora to the customer. if not then the price will be the same.
  • They accept 100% returned back but used quantity will be charged.

Above all conditions apply for products including Hard Pathar Koila (Coil) and Normal Local Wood Koila (Coal/Goal). For other Products, Delivery charges are compulsory.

Contact Details

  • Mobile Number: 9851137504

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