What is the process of establishing a technology company in Nepal?

process of establishing technology company in nepal

The answer to establishing a technology company in Nepal?

  • To start any business in Nepal. Learn business organization and entrepreneurship book written by Nepalese writer for Nepal. Thereafter decide which way-company or else, then find its registration office, contact there and you will find an advocate and other supporting agencies nearby. Follow what they teach you.
  • If it is a service based company, you need to go compulsorily to VAT. check out ocr.gov.np
  • If your company is going to be a product based company rather than a service. you need to go either in VAT or PAN depend on your annual transaction.
  • The basic idea is, register a company named ABC (doesn’t necessarily mean company name should be same as product name) in VAT or PAN inline of law and register a product under that company. This would create a hierarchical structure and would be easier to perform any legal operations.
  • For registering a company in Nepal, fill up online registration on ocr.gov.np and follow other legal proceedings; you’ll need AOA and MOA foremost. (Find the meaning of AOA & MOA on google )
  • It would be best if you contact any legal firm for that.
  • A good business plan is needed first, including all practical aspects. Good R&D is the key. Registering is never a problem, but remember once you get your business registered you are liable for a lot of things and it’s like one-way traffic. If you need to change the basic nature of your business or shift to something else by closing it, you will have to pay a hefty sum. So, make sure you have a concrete plan looking at the Nepali context. And experience really counts here.
  • PLEASE hire an experienced manager or partner or shareholder, else moreover 20% businesses are shootdown before the second audit because of procedure and inexperience.

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