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Princess GlitterHead Biography

About Princess GlitterHead

Princess GlitterHead who is also very popularly known as Toothless Princess is a very popular and talented American Social Media Influencer, Tiktok Star, and basically a Content Creator. Her real name is Alicia. She is a very expert makeup artist. She has over 121k followers on her Instagram account @princxssglitterhead and has over 2.2M Followers on her TikTok account @princxssglitterhead. As of 2022, She is 36 years old with around 5 feet and 2 inches tall in height.

Husband & Children

Princess GlitterHead is a married woman. She hasn’t revealed many details about her husband. however, they have altogether 4 children.

Some facts and Secrets of Her Life

Princess GlitterHead (Alicia) lost all her teeth during pregnancy. Millions of people have watched her beauty routine. It all starts after taking a shower when she dries her hair. Then, She straightens it with a flat iron. obsessed with fake nails, now it’s the time to glue them on. Next, She gave more volume to hair. For this, She has a collection of hairpieces at home.

Before preparing the skin, a very important detail: Alicia has to put on her dentures. Then it’s time for moisturizer and sunscreen.  with a pencil, she fills in her eyebrows. She can’t skip the false lashes, of course. Foundation and concealer to even out the skin. Eyeshadow to make the eye pop and highlighter for glowy skin. Lipstick is the finishing touch. She doesn’t even look like the same person.

Alicia’s problem started when she was 20. Expecting her first daughter, She felt her teeth were very weak. Her gums became sensitive and during pregnancy.  She had no idea how much the pregnancy was really affecting her body until she has her baby.

For no apparent reason, several cavities appeared and her teeth started falling out. she was devasted. She just married her husband, They just had their first baby. Her husband married with perfect teeth, they were young and barely not even teenagers.

And then the next year, she was missing her front teeth. They had no idea what was happening. it was only during the second pregnancy that Alicia discovered the problem. Her body was lacking some nutrients. and to keep the baby healthy, it started to suck these vitamins from other areas.

Princess GlitterHead‘s body was stripping calcium and nutrients from her teeth for the baby. By the time the treatment started. It was impossible to save her teeth. She started decided to extract them and wear debentures. The acceptances process was difficult, but she has the full support of her husband. The couple had two more daughters and are still together.

with her husband and four daughters

Today, Alicia Shares her story as a warning to other future mothers.  As well as supporting other people who find themselves in the same situation. It might be really shocking to the rest of the world, but she has been trying to build a little community of people, and not even just people with dentures, not just women, not just women that lost them with pregnancy, or if it was drugs. Whatever is it, She is trying to reduce the stigma, and reduce the shame.

A beautiful example of resilience, don’t you think? 🙂 Lots of love and Big Respect to her.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

NamePrincess GlitterHead
Also Known AsToothless Princess
Real NameAlicia
Date of Birth (Birthday)IN Review
Age36 years old (2022)
Height5 feet and 2 inches
Husband & ChildrenIN Review
Net Worth (2022)N/A
Princess GlitterHead bio wiki facts

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