A lot of pain We Deal With is really Only Thoughts – Get out of it | Complete Explanation & Guide

painful thoughts quotes explanation

The pain we deal with is really only thoughts

people don’t hurt us. It’s the memories of them that cause us pain. Betrayal only comes from the ones we love.

Getting old is not for the weak. Thoughts good or bad, we all have them that helped us to form us into what we are today, but they are not in control. We are in control of how we talk to our inner-conscious. Your mind is a muscle like a triceps or hamstrings or your heart. If ignored and not attended too, it will become weak. We all have suffered a loss at one level or another.

It’s all about what others plant in your thoughts just to disturb your peace and to make u feel sorry for yourself when all along everything was perfect and still is actually. So don’t always believe what others say, especially the negative ones. You know yourself better than anyone else.

How to Get out of it?

Pay attention to your inner-self, let go of your electronic devices, give yourself the privilege of 1 hour of silence at least 3 times a week. Have the discipline to go to bed 1.5 hours earlier than normal and wake 1 hour earlier than normal. Use that hour wisely. Communicate with God as you conceive him. Be grateful for yet another day in this strange but wonderful journey we were all lucky enough to be given such an opportunity to be apart of.

from one of the conversations I have had with Patricia, there is the wisdom I have realized. The power of knowing that all this pain is caused by a “THOUGHT” I came upon this gift: You are no longer a victim of circumstance but a master of your CHOICE. Give yourself the gift.

You can speak down to pain all you want. But it’s as useful as pleasure and happiness. We need simply to learn how to calibrate our reactions, and create more mindful ways of living that work for us.

Detail Explanation about Thoughts & Pain

we create it! My belief is that words in thought or verbally are the most powerful vehicle for emotions and actions. Without words, we could not be killers or lovers, kind or mean, smart or ignorant. Everything is based on words – EVERYTHING! So beware of your dictionary and use the good ones to keep your life on the right and LONG track!

I see a lot of people confusing the pain he is talking about with physical pain! Of course, if you were to have a car accident feeling physical pain is an unavoidable fact! He refers to the pain we feel inside when we let our thoughts consume us.

 Everything begins in our minds and perception, whether we realize/accept it or not. The Beautiful thing is that we actually get to CHOOSE our thoughts and perception!!!

Thoughts are like seeds. The more you think the same thought, the more it grows. From a seed, a thought can grow into a plant. From a plant into a tree. From a tree into a jungle. Once it becomes a jungle, you will be overwhelmed. You will be finished. Just mind your thoughts don’t let it grow by not thinking of it. Easy said than done. But it’s through meditation, observing the reality of daily life, and writing habit in order to fix the puzzle that you can get rid of it. And you have to do it several times before you see the result. Most people, don’t have that kind of patience.

Summary/Conclusion: Difficult to stop thoughts that turn into decisions about feelings.  our brains function fully! Science has only figured out 10% of it. Not Only Able To Control Your Mind But Also, You Can Totally Reprogram Yourself.

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