Once you left me, No more turning back – Quotes Collection

Once you left me No more turning back quotes
  •  I left you, because I know that’s the best thing to do, and now I decided not to go back anymore for your own sake.
  • SeIf respect must be higher than Love ItSelf.
  • I’m not a permanent person in someone’s life. But I assure you to be the best temporary you’ll ever meet.
  • Once you left me, don’t worry I’m still waiting.
  • Not a fan of giving second chances when it comes to relationships.
  •  I didn’t mean to found you, I just came across you that’s all.
  • You can turn back but don’t expect the same treatment again.
  • I found you again at a different time.
  •  I’m still waiting
  • I begged you to stay but you turn your back from me and left.
  •  he just turns around and walks away without knowing I’m dying inside.
  • don’t worry it’s their loss to lose you.
  • you left without saying goodbye.
  • No need to beg I’m not into you anymore.

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