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Nepali quotes about love life and friends

Yekchoti mainbatti bhitrako dhaagole bhanyo – jalna ta ma jalchhu tara timi kina paglinchhau?
Mainbattile bhanyo – jaslaai dilmaa jagga diye, uhh chhutida aashu aauchha nai .


once, candle insides thread said to candle – whenever I am burning, you start to melt. why? candle answered – it’s natural to teardrop whenever your loved one is going far away from you. “

Bachunjel chintale jalauchha ani mare pachhi chitaale.


During life, your worry burns you. and when you die, Cheetah will burn you.

Samaye ta badlinchha bhane, manchhe k chij hora!


Even time changes. never expect someone to remain the same as before. “

Yek samaye thiyo – raatbhar kura garera basinthyo tara ahile online mai bhaye pani, ID matra herinchha, na uhh bolchha na ma bolauchhu.

Teenage Love story

There was a time when we used to talk late nights sharing everything. but now, we just look facebook profile of each other. nor I message her. nor she messages me. “

Goti Nakhaau, Roti Khaau.


Say No to drugs.

Haatlaai dukha de, Naarilaai haina.


Do masturbate, not Rape.

He sarkaar! class 7 ra 8 maa korean bhaasako book rakhideu, class 9 ra 10 maa arabi, malesian, ra kataarko, class 11 ra 12 maa IELTS ra Japanese, ani bachelor maa chai GRE ra TOEFL ko course padhaaideu. deshkaa yuba harulaai dherai sajilo hunchha, kina dohoro kharcha garaune hainara?

Bitter Truth!!

The mass number of Nepali youth are going foreign country. to not only government but I blame myself too. not doing as much as I can. Think!! if you and I could do something, how it would be our Nepal in the next 10 years? I already started. now turn is yours.”

Jun pida timi aafaile sahana sakdainau, tyo pida aru kasailai pani dine koshish nagara.


“If you can’t hold Suffering then please don’t give it to anyone.”

Gamalamaa chhu bhanera fuul kaha latrinchha ra! uhh ta aakash herdai fakrinchha.


A true entrepreneur never worried about the problem. no matter how big it is. they will find their way.

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