Nepali Months in English and Vice Versa

Nepali Months in English

Are you looking for the Nepali Months in English and Vice Versa? Here worldtop2 has provided a list of Nepali Months with their pronunciation and meaning in English.

Many Nepali peoples and even people around the world are too much confused about the exact relation between Nepali Months and English months. they don’t know what’s the exact month is running in Nepal when different months is running in the international calendar. so we decided to make clear about that confusion which makes people very easy to be up to date with Nepali Months and English Months. like the international calendar’s months, Nepali Calender’s also has 12 months. 

Nepali Months Pronunciation English Months
बैशाखBaishaakh April-May
जेठ/जेष्ठJeth/ Jestha May-June
असारAsaar/Asar June-July
श्रावण Shraaun/ Sraawaun July-August
भदौ/भाद्रBhadra/Bhadau August-September
आश्विन/अशोज Ashoj/Aswin September-October
कार्तिक Kaartik October-November
मंसिरMangsir November-December
पुषPush/Poush December-January
माघMaagh January-February
फाल्गुनPhaalgun/Falgun February-March
चैत्रChaitra/Falgun March-April

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