Is Multitasking Good or Bad? – Full Explained


What is multitasking?

It is the capability of doing multiple works on the basis of your interests, hobbies, education qualification, and the purpose of your life. Multitasking is very important in today’s life to make most of our time fruitful. Life will become bore without this. At the same time, we can also fulfill our passion. my own example: – Actually I’m Web Designer, Graphic designer, Developer, Social media manager, marketer, and blogger. I’m doing these all in multitasking mode.

Factors that affect Multitasking work or Job

There are two factors which lead us through the path to the destination of success. One is clarity i.e. Long Term Vision and another one is a mindset. Once we get the clarity, then we should make a proper mindset so that we can remain strong and invincible even if some obstacles came within the path. if you have proper clarity and mindset, you can do multitasking work based on your interest, hobbies, education qualification, and purpose of your life without having no problem at all.

If we do more than one task without integration, It leads to an unlimited number of conflicts, leading to loneliness/isolation. Generally, we think that the most important factor in our success is Career. But in reality, the most important factor above career is the purpose of your life balancing between health, money, relationship, and family.

A true man’s work is to give. According to Harvard’s Research, Relationship is the most important factor in happiness. Once we feel happy, it gives us enough energy so that we can be able to go through a difficult path. And where love is the foundation of Relationship or any work, you become unstoppable.

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