Money vs Happiness – What is important in life?

Money vs Happiness

To be both, happy & rich/ wealthy is priceless! coz it rarely happens to most. Most of the people who always say I rather am happy than being rich are those who failed to become rich.

 I’ve heard no one say “Let me try the debt-free cash flow millionaire way of life and see if it’s better” People who think they have to choose “happiness” over material wealth don’t realize that happiness is found in the pursuit of a worthwhile goal or dream and that when you do that the material wealth will chase you because you’re chasing a way of life that is far beyond just material wealth.

To say you rather be happy than rich is just an excuse. If you can’t be poor or rich and be happy, it’s because you’re lazy both ways and selfish. You should be happy then rich. But happy than rich is a poor choice and an excuse. Work for both. Neither is dropped in your lap. Money May Not Be Able To Buy You Happiness, But Poverty Can’t Buy You Anything.”

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