Don’t be a saver, Learn to be an investor – Full Guide

learn to be an investor

The opposite of a saver is an investor. Don’t be a saver, learn to be an investor.

Great advice, especially for the youngsters.
if you Develop the Investing habit today, You will ensure a Wonderfully Wealthy Retirement.

 I’ve been a saver for most of my life. I’m just learning to be an investor!

Stocks are a good way to start with little money. I’m learning about it. I’ll be a better investor the more I learn about it. I think everyone should do some kind of investing since it’s going to benefit everyone as it’s getting harder to make a living with just working these days

I save my hard-earned money so I can invest later that is the plan. If you’ve got enough to save you’ve got enough to invest. Some even save to buy liabilities. I call that investing in poverty. If you don’t have money to invest, invest your time – Warren Buffet. Many successful investors have borrowed to invest. Using Other Peoples Money.

Unless you guys are kids who grew up from rich family or if u guys are politicians, that’s a different thing then, you don’t understand what I mean. I grew up on a rich family, my dad is colonel but uncles on my dads side n moms side have businesses and they started investing after they made money, they didn’t invest the first day that the first or first year of making money, it took them 10 years and more to be where they are.

In the end, Investment is not only about money. it’s also about the time of true learning and experiencing different factors of life that matter you. there are many types of investment some of them are:

  • Money Investment
  • Time Investment
  • Health Investment
  • Knowledge investment
  • Service Investment
  • Relationship Investment
  • Emotion Investment
  • Network Investment
  • Skill Investment
  • Learning Phase Investment, and many more.

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