Why Business Is Better Than A Job? – Full Gide & Explanation

The problem with a job is that relying on others to give you a living is the biggest risk of all.

I found out that wages are like one being enslaved by oneself, by relying on working for another man. If he buys an exotic car, it’s due to your hard work. So why not sit down and think about how you can be like your employer. After all, you need is the right thinking and actions things will fall into place sooner or later.

What the owner does with his money or life is not the employees problem, also if you are the owner and boss, you can’t just sit down and think on air, unless your daddy is rich, you got salaries to spread, supplies, bills, house and family, meetings, connections, shortly an agenda to follow, life falls into place for every living being, you ain’t no special unicorn, you bleed just like everyone else.

You do your job and business at the same time, both of them are income Flow.  the business you are solid on how to create income in good times and bad. If you have a skill and are very good at it then you don’t have to worry, others will rely on you and need you, the biggest risk is gambling with your life.

in my case: Having me as your employee is a big risk cause once I get what I want I automatically quite the job. I’m mature enough to own my business.  and especially when you don’t have a backup or plan B. I have always relied on multiple streams of income while I ultimately focus on being my own Boss.

What you want in life determines the venture to undertake. If you want to live a normal life and solve normal problems, you need a job but if you want to be wealthy, you need a business or investment. So the job is not bad at all depending on the person involved. Everyone will not be wealthy. Some don’t want to be wealthy but prefer to work for others.

Not every person is Entrepreneurial! There are Leaders and There are Followers! Learn which You Are and Excel Therein! High-risk high return. It all depends on how you handle the risk. Safe heaven is a damn boring place in Valhalla you can drink with god day and night.

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