Who was Jacob Blake? 5 Facts You Need to Know

Jacob Blake shooting

Who was Jacob Blake? What were his age and height?

Jacob Blake was an African-American man who was shot by a police officer named Rusten Sheskey on August 23, 2020. He was 29 years old and 5 feet 10 inches tall at the time of his death. The whole shooting incident happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He was paralyzed after he was shot seven times from the back by the police officer who was informed by a lady that Blake is trying to steal her car keys and sexually assaulting her.

NameJacob Blake
Age29 years old (at the time of his death)
Height5 feet and 10 inches

5 Facts about Jacob Blake Shooting

Jacob Blake shooting news and facts

1. Jacob Blake was married

Jacob was in his car with his daughters when he was shot. His daughters are likely to be helped by different organizations for proper education and health care.

2. NBA players were on the protest after the news of his shooting was headlined

From 26th August to 38th August, many of the NBA players and employees started protesting against the shooting due to which 6 games were canceled by WNBA. The Black Lives Matter movement got a spark after his shooting and Police were heavily criticized by the media and officials.

3. Several people took part in rallies against the shooting

More than 200 people were arrested by police as the rallies and protests resulted in property damage and unrest. Public unrest and anger were due to the fact that the footage video suggests the brutality of police as they shot him in front of his three children.

4. He was very severely injured

He was serious as his lower body portion was paralyzed and the parts like stomach, intestine, and liver were heavily damaged.

5. Police officers are not going to be charged for his shooting

The video footage and witnesses suggested that Blake was not being violent at the time police came to arrest him but according to police, they shot him because he was kidnapping a child at the time they arrived. (Update: 1/5/2021)

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