Inspiration vs Motivation | Do you know the Difference?

Inspiration vs Motivation

What is Inspiration?

Inspiration is something that comes from a goal/desire. Inspiration means “in spirit”, it is the emotion or motive to do something or help someone. Because it comes from your internal being or true self, it makes you feel good, it nurtures your soul. When you do something that comes from inspiration you are manifesting your true and authentic self.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is the result of inspiration and carries the action forward. When you are inspired, motivation comes naturally and effortless, everything you do make you feel happy, rewarded, and personally satisfied. On the other hand, motivation is the desire or will to do something for someone or for yourself. When you are inspired you are at the same time motivated and excited; you can do unlimited things, you can do wonders.

Inspiration vs Motivation

Difference between Inspiration and Motivation.

Inspiration happens before you start your dream and Motivation gives you faith when you already acting on your dream. Motivation what keeps us in track towards our goal and continuously inspires us. Things that inspire you don’t necessarily make changes in you, but they make you wiser and stimulates your creativity. Things which motivates you, are the things which trigger changes in you, they are like your partner who holds your back.

Inspirations are to start on something you like. Motivation is the feeling you get when you get results through hard work and the feeling to repeat the process that you started. inspiration makes you think about something and motivation makes you believe that you have to do it. Motivation along with perseverance, resiliency, courage, persistence, and discipline naturally manifests when you are inspired.

Motivation becomes a habit if you repeat the behavior which got you started. Inspiration is a spark. Motivation is gas. You are the fire. To be inspired is easy to stay motivated is the hardest thing but if you can combine them every day you will stay motivated. “Be inspired, be authentic, be always yourself”.

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