How to deal with Impossible and makes things Possible?

impossible vs possible

Definition of Impossible

Impossible is just a state of mind until and unless they find a way to do it.

Why People Say Impossible?

Sometimes they tell you it’s impossible because they don’t want your success or simply because they can’t do it. in such a case, Ask “why”. They may have an interesting angle you haven’t thought of. If so, note it and think of it as of another risk to mitigate. Turn naysayers into helpers. Or even into a sounding board.  if someone tells you it’s impossible, it’s because his disability is in his mind and not yours.

How to deal with Impossible and makes thing possible

Sometimes you have to keep your goals to yourself because many people will put you down and call your idea CrAzY. Run your own race! It’s possible by you and impossible for them, remember it’s your journey or mission, not their.

It is only impossible for those who don’t have courage, self- confidence & self-esteem. They don’t believe in themselves. They don’t see the beauty of their dreams & vision, whilst others are being brainwashed by those who failed. That’s why we must choose the environment & the right people to hang out with, coz they have great influence & contribution. However, it begins with the mindset.

Like most people around the world who would tell you it’s not possible to make money including parents and friends. If you are not going to try at least. How can you know if I can make a good business or not? Before the plan proceeds, you have to keep calculating the cost to determine if you are affordable or not. Then you will do it straight away.

What is Impossible for me?

in my case: The word ” impossible” is not in my dictionary. So I find it very strange. Instead, I ‘d rather how can we make it possible? Everything is impossible until it’s done. Those who say it is impossible must not disturb those who are doing it.  and Don’t Ignore people who say it’s impossible. Ask “why”.

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