Importance of analytics in digital marketing in Nepal

importance of analytics in digital marketing in nepal

Digital online marketing in Nepal

In Nepal, The biggest advantage Digital has over Traditional is the collection of data, and if we cannot use that data then it’s not really helpful. Unfortunately, in our experience we see that our Nepali local client data is still unusable – e.g. we spend $200 on Facebook ads but the client doesn’t track sales so we don’t know how much of an effect our ad spend is having.

What’s worse is that we’re not able to convince them to track the data OR they haven’t set up their business in such a way that user data is collected (e.g. sales data without customer data). This is probably one of our biggest challenges as Digital Marketers in Nepal.

In my past experience working for an Australian company, we used to track as much data as possible, from phone call durations to customer ratings, to their financial situation and more. All this helped us to make data-driven decisions, which is much more reliable, and usually led to better results (or at least results that we can examine in more detail).

But coming back to your question again, is data analysis important? Absolutely YES, but I feel setting up systems to collect useful data is a far greater challenge in our local context in Nepal.

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