How To Use Eye Primer For A Flawless Look With Mature Eyes 

How To Use Eye Primer For A Flawless Look With Mature Eyes 

Applying eye makeup can be tricky as we get older. Mature eyelids and under-eye areas often show more crepiness, wrinkles, and discoloration. But have no fear! The right primer can help makeup go smoothly and stay put on aging eyelids. Read on for tips on choosing and applying the best under-eye primer for mature skin.

Choosing an Eye Primer for Mature Eyelids

With age, eyelids become thinner and lose elasticity, while under eyes are hollow and may darken or show age spots. The best under-eye primer for mature skin should address these issues to create the ideal canvas. Look for these key properties:

– Smoothing – Silicones like dimethicone fill in fine lines and even out texture.

– Hydrating – Hyaluronic acid and plant extracts add moisture to combat crepey dryness.

– Brightening – Vitamin C, licorice extract and niacinamide boost radiance and minimize dark circles. 

– Long-wearing – Formulas with polymers grip makeup in place for 10+ hours of wear.

– Anti-aging – Primers with peptides and antioxidants can improve elasticity over time with regular use.

Creams or thicker formulas work better than liquids, which can disappear into lines. Neutral, skin-toned shades create the most natural look for the day. Try an under-eye brightener with light reflective pigments to illuminate mature eyes for special events.

Application Tips Based on Eye Area

Apply primer before any other eye makeup. Use your ring finger to gently tap the product on using patting and smoothing motions. Here are application tips based on the mature eye area:


The best application method for aging, hooded eyelids is:

– Apply a thin layer of primer up to the brow bone and just below the lower lashlines. 

– Let it set for 2-3 minutes before following with eye makeup. The setting allows it to adhere.

– Focus on evening-out texture by smoothing primer over any creases on lids.

– For hooded eyes, keep primer below the hood and just on the visible lid.

Under Eyes 

To address under-eye concerns like wrinkles, circles, and age spots, make sure to:

– Apply under-eye primer in a triangle shape starting at the inner corners and sweeping down and outward. 

– Gently pat and smooth into thin skin to avoid excess tugging.

– Let set before applying concealer to avoid slipping into lines.

– Using your ring finger, press (don’t rub) concealer over primer in the same area.

Brow Bone 

– Use your ring finger to lightly dab primer on the brow bone in a half-moon shape following the arch.

– Smooth over any creases near the outer corners and tail of brows.

– This can brighten brows and make eyes look more lifted.

The best under-eye primer for mature skin should be applied before any other eye makeup. Letting it set helps prevent slipping and creasing. Follow with thin layers of eye makeup like concealer and eyeshadow, blending gently over primer.

Choosing Eye Makeup that Pairs with Primer

Using primer as a base, you can create flawless eye makeup looks as you age. However certain types of products work better over primer on maturing lids and under the eyes.

Look for eye makeup that is:

– Cream-based – Powders settle into lines, while creams meld with primer. Cream eyeshadows, highlighters, and liners create a dewy, smooth effect.

– Hydrating – Avoid powdery, drying formulas that cling to dryness and give a crepey texture. Look for options infused with hyaluronic acid or plant-based oils.

– Sheer to medium coverage – Thick, opaque coverage tends to look cakey, while sheers blend seamlessly over primer. 

– Matte or satin finish – Shimmery finishes emphasize texture. Matte and soft satin formulas give a blurring effect.

The best under-eye primer for mature skin provides a smooth, crease-free base for makeup. Opt for cream eye products in hydrating, lighter coverage formulas. Use a light hand when applying over primer on aging eyelids and under the eyes.

Makeup Application Techniques

These application tips will help eye makeup apply flawlessly over primer on mature lids:

– Apply eyeshadow with a damp sponge tip applicator to press color onto lids instead of sweeping. This provides better adhesion over primer.

– Use small, angled brushes for eyeliner. Gently stamp cream or gel liner over primer to avoid tugging on delicate eyelids.

– Set cream products with a light press of skin-toned powder to increase wear time. Avoid rubbing when blending.

– Curl lashes before applying mascara. Use a lash primer first for added impact and to reduce smudging onto crepey eyelids.  

– Tap on the mascara wand at the base of the lashes. Wipe excess off before lightly brushing through to coat.

– Finish by gently pressing along under the eyes with a damp makeup sponge to blend products seamlessly together.

By adjusting the technique, you can achieve beautiful eye looks that don’t slip or settle into lines and wrinkles over the day.

Application Do’s and Don’ts

Check out this handy application do’s and don’ts when using eye primer on aging eyelids and under eyes:


– Tap and pat primer and makeup lightly into place.

– Apply makeup right after primer before it sets.

– Use moisturizing, hydrating eye makeup formulas. 

– Set cream products with a light dusting of powder.

– Curl lashes first before applying mascara.

– Touch up eye makeup midday if needed.


– Rub primer or makeup products into place.

– Apply too thickly or opaquely over primer.

– Layer powder directly over creamy primers or makeup. 

– Pull or tug at delicate eyelid skin.

– Apply liner without short, gentle strokes.  

– Overload wands with mascara before applying.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

– Prep eyelids with eye cream before primer to maximize hydration and smoothing.

– Use an eyelash curler on lash primers and mascaras as they set for longer curls.

– Clean up lines with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover instead of tugging at the eye area.

– Lightly dust face powder under the eyes before primer to absorb excess oil and help makeup adhere.  

– Bring eye primer and concealer down over any age spots or discoloration on the upper cheek area.

Using the best under-eye primer for mature skin allows you to create flawless, youthful eye makeup looks. With the right prep, products, and techniques, makeup can appear smooth and vibrant on aging lids while lasting for hours without creasing or fading.