How to import goods from India to Nepal? Full procedure, license, the tax rate

import goods from india to nepal

Import goods from India to Nepal full procedure

If you want to import goods or products in bulk quantity from India to Nepal, you have to take Exim code with register company for import and export in Nepal. You can contact an Import service provider company or you can import yourself by taking EXIM code in your own company name. If you are importing more than 50 thousand value of products. Then the Exim code required.

How to get an Exim code in Nepal?

You can get a full official process and detail here.

EXIM code is export-import license, if your quantity is less you suggest your seller make sample document which only requires custom and courier charge to pay, try to partner someone who has EXIM license if you buy occasionally and if you buy regularly go for the process of getting EXIM code, deposit amount is somewhere around 3 to 5 lakh I guess.

In Nepal, You will require to get an Exim code for the process which will be required about rupees 3 lakh as a safety deposit in a bank that will provide you with a bank guarantee and other band and government-related charges are extra. for a one time purchase better find an agent who has an Exim code who will charge 5 to 6 percent upon the purchase bill.

Goods transport from India to Nepal

Sugam Parivahan is the best when it comes to reasonable and reliable transportation from Delhi to Kathmandu for import purposes. they are the best. We do import through Sugam transport. They have many branches all over India. They also pick up our goods from India vendor godown too. And we have to clarify them about breakage goods too.

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