How to boost or sponsor facebook page in Nepal?

how to boost facebook page in nepal

Facebook ads payment method in Nepal

First of all, you need a valid credit card like MasterCard, Payoneer card, etc that can run a foreign transaction, and then a Facebook page (i.e. not a personal profile). you can get international payment cards from Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL), Siddhartha Bank Limited and to name a few other banks from Nepal.

Facebook bosting or sponsor In Nepal

Once you have both, log in to Facebook and click on the Create button at the top right. That should take you to the ad creation screen. At some point, you will be asked to add your card details. I’d also add that you think about what your business objective is before you decide to run Facebook ads.

In Nepal or in anywhere Organic Reach is very low nowadays – some industry professionals say that you can only expect your posts to reach 2% of your total fans organically these days. In my opinion, getting more followers organically is going to be very difficult, especially due to your lower no. of likes and engagement. (I am assuming that you define organically as without spending on ads).

If I was working on your account, I would advise you to spend some money, either in ads, or giveaways, etc. to build up your audience to a certain size first and keep on posting posts on regular basis.

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