Work Hard or Smart, The Choice is Yours – Full Explanation

hard work and smart work

What is Hard Work?

work in which you are not enjoying.

What is Smart Work?

work in which you are enjoying.

Work Hard or Smart – Explanation

hard work always fares better compared to smart work. Where people fail while working hard is when they lack persistence and dedication. Secondly, smart work is more about how efficiently a particular task is performed.

Smart work means learning from experiences whether of your own or of others. experiences are gained because of hard work. work or hard work is only done when one gets an opportunity; the opportunity is only created when one is educated enough; educated enough means lots of hard work in the background; hence; putting hard work in a smart way, paves way for success.

if you are able to get that route and doing a great job which also making you very much happy and successful with that, that is awsome But how about being in that narrow lane full of competition yet achieving much more working in smarter / innovative & inspirational way?! Quitting a cluttered competitive environment is not the solution.

What’s the fun in taking a road which is empty with no competition. taking a road full of competition and making your mark is the key to success. That’s where working smart, intelligently, effectively comes into play along with grit, perseverance & willingness to excel. in such condition, Make your own superhighway on the same cluttered competitive lane. Make a flyover over the same lane.


Only hard work is not sufficient. Luck is most important otherwise you can’t get a result. and what I believe is, when your preparation meets opportunity it’s called luck. Do hard work in a smart way just make things simple. it also means that always do calculated hard work.

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