Happiness is a choice quotes explanation

If Happiness is a choice, why aren’t you Choosing it?

Nowadays, we are extremely dissatisfied with what we have and because of dissatisfaction, we are running in a rat race resulting in an extreme level of sadness. That results in loneliness, which generates dual personality within us. We are something in front of someone and something else behind his/her back.

We have become fake. And we think that we can achieve many more by doing this. But we can never be happy because we’re fake. We’re afraid of being alone because we’re extremely empty from the inside. This is because we’re dissatisfied with what we have and we want more for accumulation. We want more to satisfy our ego. We want more for getting pleasure. We are considering pleasure as happiness while in reality, it isn’t.

That means we are not different from the beggars. Once we get out of that illusion and be grateful for what we have right now, we’ve got happiness. And once we continue this process, it is absolutely impossible to make us sad.

Quotes, Thoughts, and Sayings

  • If we choose to be happy then there is no reason to upset us… it’s just a game of underground:)
  • Happiness is not a choice. Sometimes we try to be happy even in worse situations, but at last, it hurts more.
  • Everybody seeks happiness but sadness is attached always with happiness.
  • Happiness and Sad both are temporary.
  • sometimes, your happiness gets align with someone else’s
  • the rational mind can not imagine how happiness looks like!
  • It’s very easy to speak and imagine just forgetting about all the worries tension of life but the real fact is we have to face and learn how to live with it.

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