Google Adsense in Nepal | Pin Verification, Setup, Job, Earning, Payment

google adsense in nepal

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the service or program control by Google. it works as the mediator between advertisers and publishers. through which website publishers, video publisher and app publishers get international advertisement ads in their particular products. so that, they can earn money by displaying ads. In Nepal, Google Adsense is the genuine and the best option to start an online job, work or career.

Pin verification process and setup In Nepal

First, you have to signup to create a new account. fill the form according to your original government-issued citizen certificate and exact postal office code. with that, Choose or set up payment method by choosing a western union. link your website and start working on it. after your earning crossed $10 in your Adsense account. Google will be sent you a code verification number to your Postal office. you need to get that code and enter in your Google Adsense account. by this method or process, Google will know, understand and assume that you are human being lives in Nepal of having a particular address and worked for Google.

Google Adsense earning in Nepal

In Nepal, Many people are saying Google pays you only little and little amount of money than of other countries like Europe. but As of 2021, Many big Nepali advertisers, organizations, companies, and businesses are also involved and involving in the ads campaign of google.

so, as compared to an earlier year, from 2019, Google started to pays you a really good amount of money. just keep on working hard and smart to increase your daily organic visitors. at first, Google will show low impression ads on your website. but once your organic traffic increase from 3000 per day, Google will start to show high impression rate ads. in Nepal google Adsense earning is getting better day by day.

Google Adsense payment method or process In Nepal

After your earning reached $100 or more, Google will send you western union receipt code, then go to the nearest western union office, tell them that code, show your official government-citizen certificate and get your handsome amount of money. enjoy!! you can withdraw your money directly from your local bank account too. but the western union is very easy and reliable than a bank in Nepal.

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