Fear of Evilness of Money leads to Poverty – Why & How?

Fear of Evilness of Money leads to Poverty

Most people are poor because of a fear of the evilness of money – That’s the old fairy tale they told us when we were kids, with the financial Education I’ve gotten, I can say that money is a good servant but a wicked master.

A wicked master (poverty) will not give you the opportunity to think outside the box, because you are already a slave to it. Poverty as long as I am concerned is the root of all evil because poverty is ”expensive”.

I am one of those. I’ve seen so many people around me and in my country (Nepal) doing evil things just for the sake of money… I know I have to shake this feeling off my back. Not easy.

Money is just an amplifier of who we truly are. Most often people around us will judge us, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is what’s inside of our shell. To Serve Mankind. Mankind doesn’t mean same race or country, we can serve in full potential even outside on our homeland. Use money as a tool to serve others. Seek an opportunity to serve. And when we do, He will be pleased.

Too many people are still holding onto those old thoughts they were brainwashed with as a kid, by their parents, teachers, preachers and the rest of society. Let go and grow!. Whenever you begin to have the feeling that Money is evil, it automatically becomes your enemy.

Money itself is not evil; money is considered evil because the majority use money to do evil, to fulfill their greed. In fact, to chase money is a beautiful act The thing that makes a difference is our intent to chase money. Are we chasing money to fulfill our greed or to create something useful for our people? Chase money to make a positive impact.

 Money doesn’t make you rich you can have it and still poor money is just a paper, but most people love money without knowing really what’s all about that why the one who knows rule them for it. U can be Rich without money.

People are evil and money is good. Good people create opportunities. Bad people will damage your opportunity. Evil comes from the misuse of the mind. Money gives you freedom and options. Evilness Is The Mind Not Money. Money Is Just A Tool.

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