Facebook page advertisement, sponsor, boost and Promotion in Nepal

facebook page advertisement sponsor and promotes in nepal


In Nepal, there are numbers of peoples who are only looking at the number of likes of Facebook posts as a marketer. would you prefer a sponsored Facebook post in Nepal? ( that generally generates likes) or would you a giveaway post or an engaging post?


Not only in Nepal but also in the world, If the facebook campaign is an engagement campaign then I would agree that yes, likes and reactions are a good metric. If the facebook campaign was a discount offer then I’d look to see how many sales we actually had during the time we ran the campaign. ideally, we’d have some tracking mechanism like a unique coupon code.

Before running any Facebook campaign Nepal. we first set the goals with the client – ideally a primary goal, and a few secondary goals. As a marketer, I would look at these metrics for any campaign to determine if the campaign was successful or not. Now likes are GOOD – this means that your ad is relevant to your audience and they are taking the time to engage with it. In a way, it also serves as social proof (i.e. more likes = more people like it, so I should too).

However, at the end of the day, sales are the key metric. You need to ask yourself, how much money will I make with these likes? How much of my objective is directly related to these likes?

To be honest, we do have clients who want to see likes on their posts. Sometimes we even set a budget for the actual goal (e.g. clicks) and a budget for likes only because they want both.

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