What makes Khalti being good service provider than Esewa?

esewa and khalti online payment in nepal


E-sewa in Nepal – Saturday, I transferred the balance from esewa to my bank account. I waited for a while but the amount didn’t come to my bank account. Later I called the Esewa customer care, they told me that they have forwarded my issue to their banking department and my account will be loaded with the amount. But again today I checked the bank account but still, the balance is not loaded there. I again called today(Sunday), they are telling my issue was not FORWARDED to the department and is forwarded on the time on my call. Is the 7million user making proud for Biswas Dhakal? Esewa is software as service and they are neglecting for their customer. If this type of neglecting happens then the user has to switch to Khalti wallet.


  • Being a user of both (Esewa & Khalti ) I can say both have a fault. But with one incident Why switch? Use both or even more. They have different offers and some different services too, Keep all of them and use which is suitable and easy. As simple as that.
  • Both services are good. Maybe due to Saturday, it was not forwarded to the department.
  • E-Transactions can take some time due to congestion. It can occur with any bank, Esewa, I pay, Khalti, IME pay, Khutruke, Qpay, etc. our country doesn’t have a proper system yet !! Maybe the future will be more accurate!!

Khalti Digital Wallet is being a good service provider than Esewa in following aspects:

  • Khalti has almost 130+ Electricity bill counter all over Nepal whereas Esewa has 115+ counters.
  • Khalti has a bonus offer of Refer and earns whereas Esewa does not.
  • Khalti has scanned and pays service. you can’t get these in Esewa till the date of 2019.

Esewa Digital wallet is being a good service provider than Khalti in following aspects:

  • Esewa was started in 2009 whereas Khalti was in 2017
  • Esewa App is 500,000+ downloaded on play store. whereas Khalti app is 100,000+
  • Offline pay service is available in Esewa but not available in Khalti
  • The insurance partner company is more in Esewa than that of Khalti
  • Esewa is linked or connected to more banks and has more cash point shop than Khalti
  • Movie ticket partner is also more in Esewa than that of Khalti

The rising popularity of Khalti mobile wallet and trusted company Esewa is making a healthy competition. by the time, Best mobile wallet or payment gateway like Esewa, I pay, Khalti, Ime pay, Khutruke, Qpay, etc will upgrade their services for sure to makes their customers happy and to expand their market in Nepal along with the sustainability, scalability, and reliability. use whatever you like that makes you feel comfortable, easy and beneficial for you.

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