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e-commerce business in Nepal

E-commerce business in Nepal | Question

I need a serious suggestion regarding the e-commerce business in Nepal. I am planning to launch a website for selling goods (anything but for now clothing and shoes). The website and a store in a central location for “Pick up in-store” are almost ready. So can you please suggest what are the possible steps that I have to follow/take? Like marketing strategies specifically and other legal procedures if any, etc.

E-commerce business in Nepal | Answer

It’s challenging doing e-commerce business in Nepal but not undoable and I guess it will be a full-fledged business that may require your significant time. I have a simple suggestion, you should focus on delivering not just goods but on transferring feelings, excitement and happiness from sender to receiver contextually. Muncha and Thamel are old players in this business in Nepal.

target overseas Nepali person. like “Dashain and Tihar” is coming near. people from abroad will purchase from your shop and ship it in Nepal. e-commerce business in Nepal like Muncha is currently famous for sweets and gift items. in apparels, your steps could be a new initiative.

E-commerce business in Nepal | Marketing strategies

If I were you, here’s how I would have done it.

  • First, I’d look for a co-founder—if I’m the geek (the brain) then I’d a lookout for the glam. IMO, the role of the glam is to leverage his/her social contacts to garner enough buzz in the social spheres, early on.
  • I’d start with a niche. Either clothing or shoes, and then scale up or fail fast. Let’s call it the Zappos way!
  • I’d keep the site features to minimal. Reason: A lot of us think that performance and size are the same things to improve at the end. But here’s the caveat: We can’t make an elephant go on a diet and turn it into a mouse.
  • I’d set up Google analytics goals right away. And would always be measuring, slicing and dicing those data for insights and to optimize the sales funnel processes.
  • And if my products were awesome. I’d be-friend all my competitors. And turn them into frenemies. Meaning I’d promote their product time-to-time on our Facebook page (given they already have a facebook page). But that’s me. I believe in karma! (learn more about Facebook page advertisement in Nepal )
  • I’d capture emails of customers every time they place an order. And once I’ve built a decent list, I’d start email marketing preferably from the second quarter. But earlier the better.
  • Also given my JFDI attitude, I would go stalk and ego bait fashion bloggers (preferably locally based, to start off with). And invite them or incentivize them to blog on our site. More of what’s in and what’s out kind of blog theme.
  • And once we have realized a market fit, I’d go for an official launch coupled with a fashion event or similar kind of theme event. And thereafter, continue to sponsor such events.
  • But most importantly of all, I’d make sure every marketing effort and materials whether offline or online are crafted in such a way that it works as a bait to drive traffic to our website.
  • Protip: Build your own brand, rather than branding the product manufacturers.

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