underrated Digital Marketing Channel in Nepal? problem, Issues, and solution

digital marketing problem in nepal

Websites in Nepal

In my opinion, the most underrated Digital Marketing Channel in Nepal is probably Websites. Building a proper website requires a lot of time, patience, and money – you have to think about the design (UI/UX), the content (incl. SEO), domain registration, etc. The major advantage of websites over social media is that you have full control of everything.

If you want to have 100 popups loading on your home page you can do it; if you want a video to play on your product page, you can do it; and so on. A properly optimized website is also better in the long term especially considering how volatile social media has become, especially recently with Facebook’s privacy breaches. People also tend to jump on to the next big thing which renders anything you’ve built up obsolete. Recently Google+ also went offline.

Unfortunately, due to the later introduction of mobile internet and smartphones and laptops in our country Nepal, we are at a point where businesses have multiple social media accounts but no website (or a neglected one). Social Media is also so easy to set up and basically free so businesses are mainly present on social. Now I don’t mean to say that you need only one – Social Media is definitely a great platform to communicate with your audience but all businesses need to seriously think about investing in a website in Nepal. if they truly want to deliver a customized and valuable experience to their customers.

Email marketing in Nepal

Another area that I think is underutilized is email marketing and the use of CRMs for customer data.

In Nepal, The kind of email marketing done by some local companies is horrendous. Sometimes I receive just images in an email that does not include text and sometimes it’s not optimized for mobile or email format. The few times I’ve sent out a mass email, I’ve literally spent hours tweaking the text and graphics and thought about it 20 times before I hit the send button. The local companies who do send good emails include (not surprisingly) those who are in Ecommerce in Nepal, including Daraz, Sasto Deal, and Foodmandu to name a few.

Also the no. of companies not having a CRM. they could save so much more time and effort by using a proper CRM. E.g. just generating a report on the customers and where they are in the sales pipeline itself in a CRM vs doing it in Excel would be worth it, not to mention how CRM software would be a lot easier to learn than complex formulas in Excel.

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