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Diana and Roma Biography

About Diana and Roma

Diana and Roma are some of the very popular and biggest YouTubers in the world. Roma is the elder brother of Diana. Diana’s full real name is Eva Diana who was born on March 16, 2014,Β whereas Roma was born on October 22, 2012. As of 2021, Diana is 6 years old along with 3 feet and 5 inches tall in height, Roma is 8 years old along with 5 feet and 8 inches tall in height.

Diana’s youtube channel “Kids Diana Show” has over 66.5 million subscribers and  Roma’s youtube channel “Kids Roma Show” has over 11.8M subscribers. they make videos related to the topic of Reviews, vlogs, role-playing, children’s song, playing with her family and friends, etc. Kids Diana Show is the most-subscribed YouTube channel in Ukraine and 4rt largest youtube channel i the categories of kids. They already collaborated with popular kids channels Like Nastya and Vlad and Nikita.

Educational qualification background πŸŽ“

Talking about formal education, Diana and Roma both are a primary level school student. they both are homeschooled so that, they can simultaneously focus on youtube content and study too. they both are very talented. Diana’s favorite subject is drawing and storybooks whereas Roma is very good at math and loves to solve mathematical problems.

Diana and Roma Family, Parents, & Siblings πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦

Diana & Roma were born and growing up by very lovely, caring, supportive, and very inspiring parents. their father’s name is Vladimir Kidisyuk and his mother’s name is Elena.

Diana and Roma family

Earnings, Income, & Net Worth (2021) πŸ’²

As of 2021, Kids Diana show is worth more than $100 million USD whereas Kids Roma Show is worth more than $15 million USD. Kids Diana show earns roughly around $25 million USD per year.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Eva Diana and Roma
Full Real NameN/A
Popularly KnownN/A
Eva Diana's Age 6 years old (2021)
Eva Diana's Height3 feet and 5 inches
Roma's Height3 feet and 7 inches
Roma's Age8 years old (2021)
Diana's Date of Birth (Birthday) πŸŽ‚March 16, 2014
Roma's Date of birth (Birthday) πŸŽ‚October 22, 2012
Net Worth (2021) πŸ’²$50 million USD
Income/Earnings/Salary πŸ’²over 15 million per year
Education Qualification πŸŽ“School student
School/college 🏫
Father NameVladimir Kidisyuk
Mother Name Elena
Facebook AccountYES
Instagram AccountYES
Twitter AccountYES
Wikipedia: YES

Some frequently asked questions

Where are Diana and Roma from?

They are from Ukraine.

Who is older Diana or Roma?

Roma is older than Diana.

What nationality are Diana and Roma?


What country do Diana and Roma live in?


Some facts About Diana and Roma

  • Kids Diana Show is also dubbed into different languages such as Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, and Portuguese.
  • Kids Diana Show youtube channel is associated with a media company named Pocket Watch.
  • Roma’s “Kids Roma Show” youtube channel is also growing amazingly.
  • Eva Diana loves to travel and eat fresh fruits.
  • At such a young age, Roma has a great sense of humor.

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Roma with his dad
Diana and Roma parents
Eva Diana with her mom

Official Social Sites

Kids Diana Show’s Instagram

Kids Diana Show’s Youtube

Kids Roma Show’s Instagram

Kids Roma Show’s Youtube

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