Corona Costco Shooting at 91 Fwy and McKinley | Injuries Report Details

Corona Costco Shooting News Details

Corona Costco Shooting Details

Corona Costco Shooting at 91 Fwy and McKinley. the police response was pretty fast police are still very active in the area right now, I can still hear the choppers. it was quite chaotic, to say the least. On tv doesn’t look like it’s active anymore report of one dead, maybe they shot the shooter.

  • store is cleared
  • 4 injured
  • one confirmed dead
  • one person down inside the store possible suspect.
  • person of interest in custody

Corona Costco Shooting Witness said they heard loud arguing and then shots rang out. Costco Employee said 7-8 shots rang out toward the back of the store, deli section. word is an off duty officer who was on scene and tackled because they thought he was the shooter.

Corona Costco Shooting witness describe also, the suspect as a white male with a mohawk who was arguing with a woman with a child in the deli section, pulled a gun, and started shooting, 7 to 8 shots fired. it’s unclear whether any of the injured peoples were shot. police are still in the active position for the actions. Police have said that “conditions have been stabilized and that there is no ongoing threat right now. we lack complete information right now but we are in the way of collecting official information.

Visit ABC7 News for more.

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