Billy Walters | Biography, Net Worth (2023)

Billy Walters | Biography, Net Worth (2023)

About Billy Walters

With a net worth of $200 million, Billy Walters is a prominent figure in American sports betting, entrepreneurship, and development. His remarkable success as a sports bettor has earned him a reputation as one of the most triumphant individuals in this field. Billy has effectively expanded his wealth through prudent investments by skillfully leveraging his earnings from various sports wagers.

Did You Know?

William T. Billy Walters, a renowned individual, was born on July 15, 1946, in the small town of Munfordville, Kentucky, in the United States of America. Despite the challenges of poverty, he spent his formative years in Munfordville, a rural town in Kentucky.

The early life of William T. Billy Walters was marred by poverty, a consequence of several unexpected and uncertain events that no individual could ever foresee. Firstly, his biological father, an auto mechanic, tragically passed away when William T. Billy Walters was merely one year and six months old. Following this tragic loss, his alcoholic biological mother deserted him and his two sisters, leaving them to face the challenges of life independently.

Additionally, due to these circumstances, William T. Billy Walters had no choice but to be raised by their grandmother in an environment characterized by harsh and undesirable conditions. The area they resided in lacked access to clean water for essential needs, and their residence did not have indoor plumbing facilities. 

At the tender age of seven, William T. Billy Walters embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by securing a bank loan of $40. With this capital, he purchased a lawnmower, utilizing its power to establish a grass-cutting business. Demonstrating remarkable ambition, two years later, he sought another loan, amounting to $90, to initiate a paper route venture.

At age thirteen, William T. Billy Walters relocated to Louisville, KY, to reside with his biological mother. This decision was made following the passing of his biological grandmother, who had been caring for him since his father’s demise. During his time with his mother, he diligently undertook two jobs daily, one in the morning at a bakery and another in the evening at a gas station. Unfortunately, little information is available regarding his formal college educational history.

Walters currently possesses a portfolio that includes golf courses, real estate properties, car dealerships, and multiple residences. He asserts that he achieved 37 consecutive years of profitability through his wagers on football and basketball at online casinos. However, Billy’s involvement turned dark when he was found guilty of insider trading in April 2017. He was granted early release due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In January 2021, Donald Trump commuted Walters’ sentence.

  • Educational Background

In 1965, William T. Billy Walters began working as a salesman at McMackin, an Auto Sales company in Louisville. Following this, in 1967, he was appointed as a sales manager at Stevens Brothers, another Auto Sales company, where he held the position for a consecutive five-year period until 1972.

  • Walters Family and Personal Life

Before he graduated from high school, William T. Billy Walters embarked on the journey of marriage and experienced the joy of parenthood. Unfortunately, the marriage did not endure. Nevertheless, William T. Billy Walters later found his true love, Susan Walters, and they exchanged vows. As a couple, they have been blessed with three children, one named Scott Walters.

  • Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Name William T. Walters
Profession Retired gambler, Philanthropist
Country America
Nationality American
Residence Las Vegas, Nevada
Net Worth (2024) $200 million
Age 77 years old (2024)
Height 5’10’’
Wife’s Name Susan Walters
Marital Status Married
Children 3
Parents & Siblings N/A
Educational Qualification N/A