App Store Optimization: 3 Ways to Boost Your App Rank In Nepal

app store optimization in nepal

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization in a lot of levels works similar to how Search Engine Optimization works. If you think about it, the goal is to get the search engines (ie. the search engine built into play store and app store):

Find your app (which when you submit to the app store, it should find it and is similar to submitting your website to the Search Console to make sure the Google bot crawls your website.)

Understand what the app is about (which is similar to writing content for the web page you want to rank for, so that the search engine understands that the page talks about that keyword)

Improve the ranking of the app so that the app store thinks it is the most relevant app for the user’s intent (which is again similar to how search engine display results in their SERP- Search Engine Ranked Page). There may be a lot of factors contributing to ranking, for eg. no. of downloads, the location of the user, the intent of the users.

if you understand the concepts of SEO properly, ASO should come naturally.

There may be some platform-specific things that need further optimization, for eg. the screenshots of the app and the location of the search intent. But, again if you have ever done Local SEO, you would have experience handling these specific things as well. In particular, with Local SEO, you would understand the importance of reviews and feedback, the same is also important and essential for the App listings in App stores as well.

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