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Andrew Jack dies at the age of 76

Who is Andrew Jack? Biography & Wiki

Andrew Jack was a very talented and very respected British dialect coach. he was born on January 28, 1944, in London, United Kingdom. at the time of his death, he was about 6 feet and 0 inches tall. on March 31, 2020, he was died at the age of 76 due to Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). his wife Gabrielle Rogers wrote on Twitter and officially announced that her husband Andrew is dead.

Andrew Jack Education qualification

We have no information about Andrew Jack’s education qualification including his school, college, and university. In the end, it doesn’t matter how and where and what he studies. but it matters what he has done, what he taught, and how he used to believe and used looks people around the world.

Parents, Family, Siblings, and Wives

Andrew Jack was born and raised by his father and mother (Stephen Jack and Julia Hutchinson). he was a married, guy. his first wife’s name is Felicity Hutchinson (1974⁠ to ⁠1987), The second wife’s name is Paula Jack (2000 to 2018), and the third wife’s name is Gabrielle Rogers  (2019 to 2020). he has two children named Rupert Hutchinson, Katherine Morgan. there is no information about his brothers and sisters.

Andrew Jack Earnings, Income, & Net Worth

Being so very talented and respected dialect coach in the movie industry. Andrew Jack’s total net worth was estimated to be roughly around $1 million USD. it includes the share of his wife Gabrielle Rogers. Andrew’s one and only main source of income is the cinema industry.

Andrew Jack Biography & WIki Quick Summary

Name: Andrew Jack

Country: England

Nationality: British

Profession: dialect coach

Age: 76 years old at the time of his death.

Height: Nearly 6 feet and 0 inches

Birth Place: London, United Kingdom

Death Place: Surrey, United Kingdom

Date of Birth (Birthday): January 28, 1944

Date of Dead (Death Day): March 31, 2020

Net Worth : $1 million USD at the time of his death

Education Qualification: N/A

School/college:  N/A

Parents and Siblings: N/A

Father Name: Stephen Jack

Mother Name: Julia Hutchinson

Brother/Sister Name: N/A

Martial status: MArried

Children/Kids:  Rupert Hutchinson, Katherine Morgan

Relationship and Girlfriend: N/A

Facts: he was a very emotional kind of person.

Facebook Account: No

Instagram Account: No

Twitter Account: No

Wikipedia: YES


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