American citizens want to open a bank account in Nepal | Full details

american citizens want to open bank account in nepal


I live in the US ( American citizen ) and travel back and forth to Nepal a lot, and was wondering about suggestions on best banks to choose for no fee ATM use in Nepal these days? Specific suggestions for both personal and business accounts would be helpful. The Business account debit is the one I am really needing to research.


  • Maybe consider opening an account with Nabil Bank if you’re able? I had an account with them for a while and it made my life a lot easier when I was in Nepal.
  • If you are in Nepal use you can create your account at SANIMA it’s all free in all banks in Nepal
  • service of Standard Chartered Bank Nepal is also good.
  • Better to open a bank account in Nepal to do a wire transfer from the US. This will be cheaper in the long run. But you only can have an active bank account as long as you have a visa. So that would be hard with going back and forth. Actually, they don’t close it but they freeze it!
  • Nic Asia offers no-fee ATM now. For new accounts.
  • CITI Global which Headquarter is in New York City. No bank charges. But will do charge ATM withdrawal Fee of Rs. 500 in every transaction. You can swipe cards. there is no international transaction fee.
  • Aspiration bank in California‘s online bank is the best, with No atm fees and low transfer fees to Nepal bank account and great customer help.

This all is just the quick point to make your mind basic makeup on regarding the particular question. go through your research, experience, choice, and ideas. Good luck!!

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