Always smile, so that anyone can’t notice the pain you’re feeling

Always smile, so that anyone can't notice the pain you're feeling

Always smile, so that anyone can’t notice the pain you’re feeling

No!! Don’t fool yourself. If you’re sad then let people see you sad. Concern people will help you get out of it and you’ll feel better. That’s why there are many people who have that “suicidal thoughts” because they can’t carry out their problems anymore. Let people help you, don’t hide your pain. You’re not immortal.

If only there is that someone whom we can share our problems with, that someone who is eager to listen and give us some advice, then we wouldn’t be forced to project a fake smile just to comfort ourselves. Many are those who will passively listen to our problems, but less are those who will absorb it and help us to get through it.

Quotes and Saying | Reactions of Different Emotions

  • Smile is the most effective mask to hide your true feelings.
  • Smile is the most powerful thing to hide your uneven feeling.
  • Just smile even if it hurts, even if they no longer love you, even though you’re all alone.
  • that’s what I am doing now. smile even I felt broken.
  • don’t forget that one because it’s our only escape in this fucking world.
  • But sadness can be seen in your eyes.
  • Even u not smile still no one notices anyway.
  • Feel the Pain guys, That’s the Reality, In order for you to grow and make you better.
  • Smile is the best weapon you can ever have.
  • I can’t hide that feeling that I broke and lonely.

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