Aliexpress in Nepal | payment method, delivery period, custom tax full detail

aliexpress in nepal

Aliexpress in Nepal

Aliexpress in Nepal is getting popular day by day because of its online advertisement strategy. it is the same as a Daraz website. Aliexpress is online retail e-commerce or online shopping service based in China and owned by Alibaba group. most of the retailer of Aliexpress are Chinese themselves. Aliexpress was launched on April 26, 2010. this website also offers an affiliate marketing program.

Difference between Alibaba vs Aliexpress

  • Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba
  • with Aliexpress you can buy as little as you like, there’s no minimum.
  • Alibaba offers exceptionally low unit process so you have to buy stock in large quantity
  • Aliexpress is a typical retail platform, you can click and buy instantly.
  • Alibaba allows you to converse with suppliers and get custom orders made for you.
  • Aliexpress is cheaper than our market but is much higher than wholesale prices.
  • Alibaba sells wholesale products so the price per unit is exceptionally low.
  • Aliexpress sell for consumers.
  • Alibaba sells for the retailer.
  • Aliexpress is the retailer of Alibaba.

Payment method in Nepal

  • visa / MasterCard / international credit card
  • wire transfer
  • western union
  • web money

Alibaba and Aliexpress business in Nepal

First, try to figure out your strengths, like does your family or someone you know need anything from China? If yes then I’d say, first try that one. look if you can make a profit/career doing this or not. This way you can minimize your risks. because I see a lot of people failing because they have no idea how to sell or market their product or even operate the god damn machinery sometimes.

There would be large competition on commonly imported products In Nepal.
you need to order a lot in bulk to compete in pricing with others in the market of Nepal. I can not say you, what to bring cause I don’t know your situation. It’s you who have to research and decide what to bring

Customs tax & deliver period in Nepal

you have to pay customs tax and tariffs but only if your ordered items wight is more than 2 kg. The shipping time is normally listed when you check out, there are options to bring it faster than the default 1~2 months period and keep mind that Time depends upon shipment method and sellers sending out the parcels. Aliexpress sends goods or items Shipping by china post registered air mail to Nepal in time. but the problem is our own Nepal post office service. they do not deliver to home to home.

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